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CertificationTimes will refund your full payment without asking any questions in order to not passing in your examination after preparing properly from our Exam dumps and Exam pdfs.

And it should be noted that Guaranty is to make sure that we the “CertificationTimes” provides you with the best quality without any flaws as we promised. Because obviously, it is not our responsibility that one is not attempting their exam, and all the mistakes done by the candidates themselves.

Payment Refund Procedure

The procedure is quite simple, just required a little information in this:

  • You have to send us your scanned “Enrollment Slip”, so that we can know that either you applied for the exam or not.
  • We will also need a scanned copy of your result/score in the exam.
  • Send us the order number of the product you have purchased from us.
  • Along with your good name and payment method.

Contact us on :

It will be repayment of your fund within seven working business days. And also will advise you to procure a new product that may help you in passing in your exam.

Payment Refund Policies

So, for saving ourselves from such scammers for the money-back guarantee so that we can keep continuing this policy for our loyal candidates we have some policies.

  • The product you have purchased from us should be within the last 90 days.
  • Candidate prepared for the exam and had studied at least 8 days from our Exam Dumps and Exam pdfs.
  • Skipping an Exam due to personal issues shouldn’t be the reason.
  • If we are providing you with any faulty product, we will be responsible for that.
  • The refund option isn’t available for bundles.
  • Guaranty can’t be claimed on Bundle purchases.
  • A refund policy isn’t available for the students who are applying for the retired exam.
  • If exams are available online without a proctor, Guaranty won’t be applied to that.
  • The customers who are using our outdated products can not claim for guarantee because we use to update our material.